Help us Take on Wall Street!

Take On Wall Street is a nonprofit coalition of over 50 organizations that came together to build a financial system for working people, Black, White and Brown, not big Wall Street banks. But we can’t do it alone.

Take Action

Here are 5 things you can do:

1. Read up on the issues

2. Follow us and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook!

3. Join our mailing list to take action.

4. Host a training for activists.

5. Support our work.

Activist Training

The Take On Wall Street coalition have embarked on an ambitious program of popular education to train thousands of community organizers, union members, and citizen activists to improve our collective capacity to organize around the financialization of the economy, racial and gender justice, and taking our democracy back from corporations and the super rich.

Voter Education

We think each and every candidate running for office has an incredible opportunity to answer that call, to respond to public sentiment. They can do that by demonstrating their independence from Wall Street and promoting reforms to curb Wall Street’s influence over the economy and our government.

Policy Change

It’s not enough to push back against the big banks’ influence in Washington. We can dream bigger. We can build a financial system that actually works for working families, not against them.