Trump and Republicans passed a bill that lavishes over $2 trillion in tax cuts on the wealthiest, including the big Wall Street banks, executives who can manipulate their legal status to obtain a lower tax rate, and companies that offshore cash and jobs to dodge their tax bill.

Big Wall Street banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America were the single largest beneficiaries of the recent tax bill, collectively getting over $250 billion in new tax breaks. In contrast, ordinary Americans earning wages and salaries received limited or temporary benefits, and in many cases will see their taxes increased and their healthcare spike. Meanwhile, Republican leadership has made clear that the ensuing deficit will be closed with cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Our tax system is rigged in favor of Wall Street and the extraordinarily rich, and the rest of us pay the price. Congress can change this by closing loopholes and restructuring tax policies to stop rewarding Wall Street manipulation. Real tax reform is needed to end advantages for giant CEO pay packages that reward risky, short-sighted, and fraudulent activities at the expense of workers, investors and consumers; to make the financial industry pays its fair share and stop Wall Street tax evasion; to curb wasteful and risky speculation, and to incentivize financial companies and players to support — not suck money out of — the real economy.  

There are already a few legislative vehicles for restructuring the tax code so that it serves everyday Americans, and not Wall Street donors:


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