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Was our economy designed to be FAIR? Take a journey through pivotal moments in history and answer the question yourself.

What is FAIR?

The idea for Is Our Economy Fair? (FAIR) emerged during the early days of the Covid pandemic, when in-person trainings became an impossibility. A dynamic, interactive website, FAIR expands on a timeline that has been a central component of the Take on Wall Street curriculum. Not to be overlooked, these pivotal moments have formed the American economy’s DNA.

Ericka has spent the past 25 years working to advance racial, gender, and economic justice. Ericka began movement work as a community organizer in Washington, DC and has since worked as a capacity builder for a national youth organizing intermediary, a foundation program officer supporting workers’ rights, and the executive director of a local coalition focused on ensuring that DC’s budget addresses poverty and human needs. 

Silver Winner

The FAIR website took home the Silver award at Webby’s inaugural Anthem Awards in February 2022! Anthem celebrates purpose & mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide.

Turning knowledge into action for change.

FAIR expands on a timeline that has been a central component of the Take on Wall Street (TOWS) curriculum and was first developed in partnership with coalition members in 2017. While the timeline’s format may have evolved, its function remains the same: FAIR exists to help people interrogate whether growing economic inequality is happening by chance or is, instead, a consequence of specific policy choices driven by institutions and individuals who benefit from them. It examines how, from colonization to the present day, the economic system of the U.S. has extracted wealth from Black people, Indigenous people, women, and communities of color.

Polling has shown that most people in the U.S. believe Wall Street has rigged the system. Rarely, however, are people exposed to information that challenges the inevitability of financialization and structural racism. FAIR is grounded in a foundational belief that people must be able to access the story of how the system is being rigged–and what the levers are for changing it–to turn their knowledge into action for change.

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