Whether White, Black, or Brown, we all want to build a better future for our children. But big banks and Wall Street billionaires have rigged the rules of the economy.

The big banks and hedge fund managers spend millions on lobbyists and millions more on political contributions.The financial industry targets Black and Brown families for predatory lending and higher interest rates for their car loans and mortgages. Wall Street executives use loopholes to pay lower taxes than teachers, and hedge fund and private equity managers squeeze more and more for themselves out of companies while reducing benefits and eliminating jobs. The gains go to those at the top, while millions of families are still struggling to get back on their feet.

The American people agree: we need to re-write the rules to make the economy work for working families, not just billionaires and big banks. And that means standing up to Wall Street.

We push for policy change in Washington to restore the financial sector to its rightful place – in service of the real economy and white, Black, and brown working people. We are stepping up the fight to curb the big banks’ influence in Washington and our economy. We need to do more to build a financial system that works for most Americans, not against them.

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