The Save the Post Office Coalition Reaction to USPS Announcement on Electric Vehicles

New postal EVs: Jacob Bogage via twitter

Annie Norman //

The Save the Post Office Coalition is gratified to see our members’ activism, lawsuits, and engagement begin to pay off. When we began this journey, USPS was only committing to 10% of its fleet being electric. Today’s announcement brings that commitment to 75% electric by 2026. This is a welcomed turn around that will deliver needed pollution reductions to communities, a better experience to Postal workers, and help stabilize the USPSs bottom line.

Experts agree the fleet could be 95% electric, so this is not yet where we need to be. Also lacking are any new commitments for the vehicles to be union made, which undermines the Administration’s goal of electrifying the nation’s fleet with union-made vehicles. We look forward to seeing more details of this plan and hope the USPS and Administration will be open to further improvements that ensure taxpayer investment is yielding the greatest possible benefit.

“We will be looking for future commitments that the Oshkosh and the commercial off the shelf vehicles will be union made,” said Porter McConnell, co-founder of the Save the Post Office Coalition, “which we know is entirely feasible given for example Ford’s union-made electric delivery vehicle. Today’s commitment should be the floor, not the ceiling.”


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