Louis DeJoy Washington Apartment Protest August 2020
Protesters outside Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s apartment. Photo: Take on Wall Street


What can you do to help Save The Post Office? We’ve compiled some resources to help you take action.


What We’re Asking

We won’t let anyone sabotage the Post Office and steal the election this fall!
  • Reverse Service Cuts: We must immediately reverse service cuts at the Post Office, and investigate Louis DeJoy’s mismanagement, sabotage, and conflicts of interest.
  • Pass USPS Emergency Relief & Protect Our Vote: Congress needs to pass a much-needed $25 billion in Coronavirus relief with no harmful strings attached, and pass $3.6 billion in elections funding to protect our vote.
  • Stop USPS Privatization: We need to stop the Post Office from being privatized, and instead, reinvent it as a hub for the services our communities desperately need.


If You Have 5 Minutes… Postmark Your Profile

1. Update your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures with our frames: Let your friends and followers know you’re standing with the public postal service.
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2. Use #SaveUSPS and #SaveThePostOffice to share your story. Why do you support the Postal Service? Share your support on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using both hashtags!
3. Follow @APWUNational and @TakeOnWallSt for updates and actions in our fight.
4. Check out the Toolkit for graphics, sample tweets and facebook posts, our ask, talking points, and more


If You Have 10 Minutes… Call Your Senators

Saving the Post Office requires URGENT Congressional action. Call the Senate switchboard at (202) 224-3121, ask for your Senator, and use this simple script:
“Hello, my name is _____ and my zip code is ______. I am concerned about the future of the Public Postal Service and am asking Senator ______ to support legislation to reverse service cuts, provide it with relief funding, and stop privatization. My friends and neighbors depend on it to vote, receive life-saving medication, and run their small businesses. Thank you.”
The American Postal Workers Union also has a dialer tool available. Click HERE to access.


If You Have More Than 10 Minutes… Get in Touch!

This fight is long from over and we need all hands on deck. If you have something more to add, fill out this form to let us know and we’ll get in touch. Have questions? E-mail Joseph Miller with Take On Wall Street at joe at our financial security dot org.


Latest News

We mailed 100 letters to test the Postal Service. The verdict: Spotty at best, dismal at worst” By Maria L. La Ganga, Rong-Gong Lin II, September 15th, 2020
“Federal judge temporarily bans USPS from sending election mailers with ‘false statements,’” by Justine Coleman, The Hill, September 13, 2020.
“Patients may have seen ‘significant’ delays in medicine deliveries by USPS, Senate report finds” by Tony Romm, The Washington Post, September 9, 2020.
“House Democrats Investigating Postmaster General Over Campaign Finance Allegations,” by Merrit Kennedy, National Public Radio, September 8, 2020.
“Like Armageddon: Rotting Food, Dead Animals, and Chaos at Postal Facilities Amid Cutbacks,” by Laura J. Nelson and Maya Lau, Los Angeles Times, August 20, 2020.



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