Save the Post Office Coalition reacts to Ron Bloom’s ouster

On the news today that the White House does not intend to renominate Ron Bloom to the postal board:

“President Biden has listened to the millions of people across the nation demanding a return to the quiet competence of the post office before Louis DeJoy and his friend Ron Bloom took a wrecking ball to it. Ron Bloom has no place in the USPS’s future, and we are glad to see his tenure in the past,” says Porter McConnell, co-founder of the Save the Post Office Coalition.

McConnell continues: “Now, the White House must nominate a governor who is both forward-looking and representative of the postal board and the nation, both to Ron Bloom’s and to John Barger’s seat.”


The current USPS Board of Governors:

  • 91% male (10/11)
  • 91% over age 60 (10/11)
  • 64% white (7/11)

Nominee to Barger’s seat does not have to be a Republican:

The USPS Board of Governors is required to have no more than 5 governors of the same party. Because one of President Biden’s appointees to the board is a registered Independent (Amber McReynolds), there is no obligation by law or the board’s to name a Republican to replace John Barger.

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