Video (5:27): What’s financialization & how does Wall Street affect our lives?

Watch this five minute video, and join us to fight back!



Wall Street plays a growing role in determining who gets money and who doesn’t, and on what terms.

The experts have a term for the rapid creep of Wall Street into every facet of our lives over the last forty years:  they call it “financialization.”

It’s not always clear to ordinary people why financialization is a problem. That’s probably by design — it’s not in the financial industry’s interest for the rest of us to know why life has gotten so much more expensive since the 1970s.

But if you’ve had a job in retail, rented a home, attended an under-funded public school, drank water or driven on roads in this country — you have been directly affected by financialization.

And we can’t fight effectively for our right to work hard, raise a family and retire in peace unless we understand the basics of “financialization.”

So we enlisted the help of the brilliant Lone Pine Creative to break it down through real stories that affect real people.

The financial sector – Wall Street – finds a way to extract profit from every facet of our lives, our housing, health, education, and even our water. But we can fight back!


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