Welcome to the new Take On Wall Street site!

Welcome to the new Take On Wall Street site! We are building a movement, and we need your voice.

The rules of finance determine who gets and doesn’t get money. Finance has swallowed up the economy:  Wall Street polices the economy for the privileged, corporations and rich people. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Together, we are taking on Wall Street power, and restoring Wall Street to servicing the real economy and not the other way around.

The campaign to Take On Wall Street began in the spring of 2016. We are a coalition of over 50 labor unions, consumer activists, community groups, and faith groups. We train activists, educate voters, and fight for policy change. And we are always looking for new members, both individuals and organizations.

If you’re already familiar with our work, we invite you to take a moment to play around on the site, read up on new issues, or start the new year by signing a petition to take our democracy back from Wall Street and the special interests.

Want us to highlight your Wall Street-related campaigning? Reach out to us at TOWS@ourfinancialsecurity.org.

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